“The wonderful thing about talents is that they hold great potential for us. It is through our talents that we tap into our greatest potential for success.” – Donald O. Clifton, Psychologist and Business Executive


AIMERS WORKSHOP offers Strengths-led Coaching that when implemented correctly will lead you to live your best life.  It is built on principles that focus on what is right with you, rather than what is wrong.  In other words, a process that helps you realize your God-given talents and find places of confidence within you. When you realize your innate talents, your true self is revealed. For founder Amy Zambetti, one of her places of security goes back to childhood, when “Aimer” was more than her childhood nickname but an identity, a sense of being, a place of confidence.   Because it is still a term that sums up who Amy is today – encompassing her talents and her strengths – it was natural to name her company “Aimers” Workshop.

Through Aimers Workshop, let’s Realize your Talents, Aim your Strengths and Unleash your Confidence! 

Aimers Workshop clients typically find:

  • Unshakeable self-confidence
  • Greater success at work
  • Deeper fulfillment in relationships
  • Strategic guidance in finding their passion and purpose



more likely to report having an excellent quality of life


more productive


less likely to quit their jobs


more likely to be engaged at work

Game Changing Results

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One-on-One Coaching

For the person who likes to get straight to business. You want a workshop that’s tailored to you. One that’s action-oriented, strategic, and leaves you knowing exactly what to do.

With private coaching, you get that personalized attention. You meet one-on-one with me to review your top five talents. Together, we start creating a plan on how to leverage them to their fullest potential.

One-on-one coaching is available in single sessions or a series (three or five sessions).

Group Coaching

Want to discover your talents alongside others? Group coaching is ideal for those who want to explore and share within a safe, supportive community.

Here, we keep it confidential and personal. You’ll be with the same 4-6 other participants for the entire experience.

Groups meet once weekly for four weeks. Each time we’re together, I’ll facilitate conversation and discovery. You’ll dig deeper into your top talents and have the opportunity to give or receive feedback from others.

Mini Retreats

Are you part of a school group? A church group? A volunteer group, or even a book club? Mini retreats are a perfect fit for groups who already know each other.

In a mini retreat, you and your group will share your talents. You’ll discuss what you identify most with and how you’ve seen your strengths play out in your life. It is three hours of practical, experiential fun and sharing.

You’ll leave knowing yourself better and also strengthening relationships with others.


Everyone deserves to spend some time on themselves. To reconnect and rediscover what’s been there all along. Within each of us are strengths, talents, and confidence waiting to be discovered.

You are worth it.

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